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This is my submission to Margot Hutton and gatlingxyz's Starforged 2022 Jam.

Ironsworn: Starforged by Shawn Tomkin is a TTRPG where you "play a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet on your travels. Most importantly, you will swear iron vows and see them fulfilled—no matter the cost."

Iron City is a city generator aimed at helping players flesh out an urban setting for their next science-fiction adventure. Whether you are planning your next Space Opera with a focus on political intrigue, or just wanting some inspiration for the next space station you dock at, this set of oracle tables would help you roll up some unique locations.

Development note: This first iteration is very much just oracles for building an urban setting to run your scene. But I plan on creating supplements for handling political conflict, as well as ideas around character reputation and influence.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for additional districts/areas please message me. I am always looking to build on the Iron City oracles.

Cover photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash


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Hi there!

I wanted to reach out, as I am working with a creator on the Ironsworn Discord named Jendave. So far he has compiled all of the Starsmith Oracles into a module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and it’s been a great success!

We’re reaching out to those who participated in the Starforged creator jam and/or have created their own Starforged Oracles and asking for permission to use your well-made oracles in a FVTT module for Starforged so all can enjoy.

If you are comfortable with this, we can ensure to link your amazing work in the README (Github and Foundryvtt.com).

We would also appreciate any sort of data format in which you developed your Oracles so Jendave can translate them more easily into FVTT module format.

The ideal would be a "table" like below since that can be imported via the Foundry Content Parser module. Even JSON, YAML, CSV or plain text would be fine. Anything is better than copying from a PDF!

d100 Backstory Prompts (1 - 2)

1-7     You abandoned your kin after learning a troubling truth

8-13    You are guided by a vision or prophecy

14-20   You are haunted by past actions or failures

21-27   You are running from a criminal past

28-34   You are the sole survivor of an attack or calamity

35-40   You escaped an abusive or unjust situation

41-46   You have no memory of your former life

47-53   You rejected a duty or destiny


Would this be something that is okay with you? 


I would be interested in joining, however I'm currently a little swamped and wouldn't have time to get the data into a usable format for inputting into Foundry.

Is this something that has a deadline?

Hi Vishae. No problem. I'll just take the PDF and work with that. Thanks for the contribution! There is no deadline BTW, just trying to add some great Oracles to the FoundryVTT.

Hi, I have released a new version of the Starforged Custom Oracles for FoundryVTT (https://foundryvtt.com/packages/starforged-custom-oracles) It now includes your Iron City Oracles. Thanks for the great oracles!